Zenith Pilot: Our Top Picks for Adventurers

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Founded by George Favre-Jacot at 1865 in Le Locle, Switzerland, Zenith combines watchmaking traditions.

One of Zenith's most iconic watches is that the Zenith Pilot. In fact, when the famous French aviator Louis Blériot became the first person to fly across the English Channel, he had been wearing a Zenith Pilot watch. This marked Zenith's long and rich history as one of the makers of pilot watches .

Watchmakers are exploring new areas of new fashion minimalism

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It's not simple to design an eye movement. Even in their simplest, they include more than a hundred components, a number of them near-microscopic, crammed into a couple of cubic centimetres. For reasons of efficiency and ethics, therefore, the moving parts are mounted into a solid disk -- the mainplate -- also held in place with other relatively sturdy plates, commonly called bridges. And if it were a simple matter of technology, there that the story will end. But proud craftsmen they are, watchmakers could not stop there.

Cartier Tank Francaise Watch in Steel

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Looking sharp with all the Cartier Tank Francaise watch is as simple with its understated elegance. The watch features a stainless steel octagonal crown with a synthetic cabochon-shaped spinel. On its silver-grained dial, bold and tasteful Roman numerals make a refined look. The sword-shaped hands serve to improve the design.

This is a handsome watch, highlighting its powerful features.

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The Seiko Presage SARK009 perfectly embodies the expression'old is gold'. It features Arabic numerals set so ensuring that the time is simple to read. The watch includes three sub-dials which perform various functions including a date display and chronograph. A Calibre 8R48 ticks in the heart of this watch.

Easy elegance that is Japanese is brought by the Seiko Presage SARK009 into black eye and the silver. It is a watch that makes a strong statement.

WIRED tested the five best and highest quality diving watches

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Look, I know you come here for the watches, but I believe some of you remain for the swimming chat, so here's an upgrade -- and it is a sad one at that. I recently took my new-found swimming skills to the Maldives and also endeavoured to capture my triumphant splashing from the Indian Ocean with my drone camera. A drone camera I've had since November and never used or even opened. A drone I took to Australia and Southern Africa but was too scared to pare the plastic cap off.

This is a highly recommended timepiece for fashionable and stylish gentlemen.

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The IWC Aquatimer Galapagos Islands watch comes with a stainless steel case with vulcanised rubber coat. Having a diameter of 45.0mm, it arouses a solid presence at first glance. Its dial, bezel and system strap offer a new dimension for dive watches. Behind its dial that is well-fortified is located 294 parts, each leading to its prowess.


Rolex Deep Sea D-Blue commemorates the producer's deepest step

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Nicknamed the"Rolex Deepsea James Cameron", the Rolex Deepsea D-Blue Dial (Reference 126660-0002) is a ode to James Cameron's historical solo dip in 2012 -- the Rolex Deepsea Challenge -- which required him to more than 11km deep into the bottom of the Mariana Trench.