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IWC Ingenieur men Watches

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Genta is also in charge of reinventing IWC's Ingenieur. Launched in 1976, Genta's Ingenieur SL featured the addition of five visible screws around the mens watch's bezel (like the Royal Oak's bezel screws). This element remained a part of this Ingenieur's layout, as seen on the IWC Ingenieur Double Chronograph Titanium, introduced back when the collection was revived by IWC.

The watch is very important, the status symbol and taste

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For most people, men ’s watches are luxury goods, good watches, for men, watches are very important, and the interpretation of identity and taste is also very important. . At work, most watch wearers can not only watch the time, but also reflect people's preferences. According to the power source, watches can be divided into mechanical watches and electronic watches. A typical mechanical watch consists of 90-100 parts, with 1400 parts, and a core with more functions.

Our watches only have a 12-hour scale instead of a 24-hour scale?

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I wonder if you have thought about it, whether it is Roman numerals, Arabic numerals, diamonds or studs, our watches only have a 12-hour scale instead of a 24-hour scale? why? Xiaobian satisfies everyone's curiosity. It is convenient to watch the time. Generally, men's watches are 38-44 mm, and women's watches are only 20-36 mm. The dial is very small. If it is made with 24 time scales, it is dense numbers. It is difficult to see the time clearly and affect the beauty.