7 Ways To Care For Your Diving Watches

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7 ways to care for your dive watches.

1. Rinse after each dive. Completely rinse your watch in freshwater after each dive. It's also wise to rinse it after escaping of the pool to obtain the swimming pool water off.

2. Turn the bezel. When you are rinsing your dive watch, for those who have a bezel, transform it to eliminate any grit, etc., which may have become underneath the dial.

3. Check gaskets. Scuba watches are waterproof because of rubber or plastic closes within the watch. These gaskets will ultimately deteriorate and modify the water proofing of the watch. Producers suggest these be transformed and/or looked over between every 18 to 36 several weeks. Should you dive frequently, possess the watch pressure-examined and also the gaskets transformed/ looked over yearly.

4. Don’t put on inside a sauna or spa. Extreme alterations in temperature might modify the sealing abilities of the dive watch.

5. Screw or Push Lower Crowns tightly. Make certain the crown is either screwed in or pressed lower completely prior to getting within the water. Once within the water, don’t adjust the crown as water could accidentally seep in.

6. Avoid chemicals.  Don't expose watches to aerosol oral sprays, strong chemicals or solvents, which could damage or dry them out.

7. Look for condensation. If you see condensation underneath the very, bring your watch to some professional immediately.