Bulova Dive Watches

The Hamilton Chrono-Diver : “Big Eye”

The Hamilton Chrono-Diver : “Big Eye”

The Hamilton Chrono-Diver, also known as the “Big Eye” is so called due to its largish dual sub registers, is a typical early 70’s chronograph equipped with a near bulletproof, cam operated Valjoux 7733. Introduced in 1970, it’s a full stainless steel model with a rotating diver’s style bezel. The watch comes in at roughly 38mm and has some wonderfully versatile 20mm lugs.

Bulova Sea King Automatic 96B226 - Limited Edition Watch

Bulova Sea King Automatic 96B226

Bulova saw more strong new watch offerings for Baselworld 2015 - with attractive designs and strong values. What I love about the "Bulova of today" is that in addition to its mainstream offerings, there are more and more products specifically designed for the watch aficionado, such as this limited edition version of the new Bulova Sea King - which feels like a less expensive alternative to the Omega Seamaster Ploprof watch. So let's check out this circa $1,500 mechanical 1000-meter diver new from Bulova for 2015.

Come Back to Bulova’s American Dream

Bulova’s American Dream

Do you know  Bulova’s American Dream ? Bulova corporation has a rich and extremely interesting history. The company was founded in 1875 by a 23-year-old immigrant from Bohemia named Joseph Bulova. Establishing his own jewelry store in Lower Manhattan, he named it J. Bulova, and rapidly gained reputation for quality, innovation, technique and artistry.

Have a Bulova Manchester United Club Watch

Bulova Manchester United Club Watch

The Bulova Manchester United Club watch is a history book for the wrist. If you happen to find yourself embroiled in the football (soccer) round of any half-decent pub quiz, the hidden clues on the face of the watch could very well steal you first prize. Manchester United was founded by a group of railway workers as Newton Heath LYR Football Club in 1878.