A Complete Guidebook On Spinnaker Bradner SP 5057 Dive Watch

When we think of scuba diving equipment, the most crucial aspects that come to mind are the tanks, the regulator, dive computer, and for some, a dive watch. However, Spinnaker has chosen to pay homage to one of the often overlooked pieces of dive equipment, the wetsuit, with their latest dive watch release known as the Spinnaker Bradner SP 5057.

The new Bradner line of watches from Spinnaker is named after Hugh Bradner, a physicist who was part of the Manhattan project. While working in the Marshall Islands, Bradner spent time with Naval Frogmen, who were frequently diving in cold waters. Based on these encounters, Bradner invented a neoprene suit that would keep a layer of fluid against the diver’s body, insulating them. Thus, the wetsuit was born.

The Bradner is an automatic dive watch inspired by vintage compressor case divers, with a bidirectional internal bezel operated by one of its two crowns. The Bradner’s case is crafted from stainless steel, and measures in at a comfortable 42mm in diameter and 14mm thick with 20mm lug spacing. Securing the Bradner to the wrist is a waterproof leather strap that is color matched to the dial, providing the wearer with a good-looking strap that can go anywhere, and do anything. The Bradner receives its power from a reliable NH35 automatic three hand movement, featuring 24 jewels, a power reserve of 41 hours and 21,600 bph operation. It is also visible through the Bradner’s exhibition caseback. The NH35 is a solid, reliable movement that will serve its wearer well.

As is Spinnaker’s usual approach, the Bradner is available in a variety of color options: black/grey with vintage lume, black/grey with standard lume, brown with black case, blue with vintage lume, or blue with standard lume. Each dial color is balanced, clean, and most definitely filled with vintage vibes. Topping off your choice of dial is a slightly domed sapphire crystal, adding a bit of distortion to the dial – another vintage hallmark.