Expensive watches must have better quality and better movement?

Submitted by udivewatches on Mon, 05/11/2020 - 01:33

Ordinary consumers have serious price misunderstandings about luxury goods. Because most ordinary commodities adhere to the production logic of higher prices and higher costs. But in fact, the price system of luxury goods is different from the logic of ordinary goods. In terms of watches, many people firmly believe that the materials used in expensive mens watches must be more wear-resistant, and the movements used must be better, polished and fine, and like artworks. Is this the case? This is a mechanical watch close to 140,000, it is known that it may be because not everyone can have it. So much so that folks actually have a fallacy: 904L steel is more wear-resistant than 316L steel. Is this true? Just look at the deep wear position of the gold part of the strap and the gold ring opening of the case to know that it is absolutely genuine. Scratches and wear are very serious. In fact, 904L steel is used to differentiate itself from other brands and it is unique. 904L steel is more resistant to corrosion than 316L steel and is not more wear-resistant than 316L steel. Will a watch with good sealing and assembly not leak oil and water? This is not the case, what happens should happen.