Hamilton Dive Watches

Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman is a Dive Watch

Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman is a Dive Watch

It is generally recognized that Hamilton Watch Co., whose tagline touts its combination of “American Spirit” and “Swiss Precision” has reached into its archives to create the Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman — a professional-grade divers’ watch that not only references the brand’s history as a provider of watches for the United States Navy but also its very first appearance in the

A Hybrid C-case On The Hamilton Chrono-Diver?

 Hamilton Chrono-Diver

Let’s take a minute to discuss the case because it’s another contributor as to why I waited so long to purchase a Hamilton Chrono-Diver. Those who know me know that I actually don’t love c-cases and this is particularly true in terms of chronographs. I understand the appeal, whereas they’re just not “me”. If you take a look at this Hamilton, it’s somewhat of a hybrid.

The Hamilton Chrono-Diver : “Big Eye”

The Hamilton Chrono-Diver : “Big Eye”

The Hamilton Chrono-Diver, also known as the “Big Eye” is so called due to its largish dual sub registers, is a typical early 70’s chronograph equipped with a near bulletproof, cam operated Valjoux 7733. Introduced in 1970, it’s a full stainless steel model with a rotating diver’s style bezel. The watch comes in at roughly 38mm and has some wonderfully versatile 20mm lugs.

Hamilton BeLOWZERO Is Perfect For Outdoor Enthusiasts And Divers

Hamilton BeLOWZERO

There are watches, and then there is the incredibly serious, and higholy sharp, Hamilton Khaki Navy BeLOWZERO.

Featured in The Martian and worn by Matt Damon on-screen, the BeLOWZERO is chunky and almost entirely matte-black, in addition to the bright white of the date that pops from the watch face. Also, the epic time piece is seriously water resistant: it’s rated for up to 1,000 metres underwater, which makes it perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and divers.