Pacific Watch Recommended : World's First Waterroof Wooden Watch, Pacific Standard Time Co

Pacific Watch


Let's get to know this watch.

The Pacific Standard Time Co. started by a group of friends with diverse backgrounds from Palau, Philippines, Japan, Samoa, and Hawaii. They wanted to create a watch out of locally source materials in various regions around the Pacific Ocean, the largest body of water in the world. The watches are 100% original in design made from woods, stones, and metals. This their way of showing what the Pacific has to offer.

Watch Recommended : AVI-8 LANCASTER BOMBER 4024-02


Let's get to know the AVI-8 LANCASTER BOMBER 4024-02.

Inspired from the most iconic and most famous bombers of the UK during the World War II, the Lancaster Bomber collection of timepieces are certainly one of the best-looking watches out there at a decent price. These timepieces are not just for status symbol which is oftentimes the main reason why people buy watches but they. The Lancaster Bomber timepiece collection have a story to them and one of them, the Lancaster Bomber AV-4024-02, is designed to give you a classic aviation feel.

Watch Recommended : McDowell Time DelRay watch

McDowell Time DelRay watch

Let's get to know the McDowell Time DelRay watch.

McDowell Time now comes with a fresh and good-looking timepiece that is inspired by the WWI trench style wristwatch. Trench watch was used by military during World War I as pocket watches were not suitable or practical for combat. It incorporated the features of both the pocket and wrist watches.  For people who have a deep fascination with classic looking timepieces, but looks for the modern taste, then it is time that you get yourself the DelRay timepiece from McDowell Time.

Watch Recommended : Belos Watch, Black Dial and Rose Gold, White Dial and Steel, and White Dial and Rose Gold

Belos Watch

Let's get to know the Belos Watch.

With their fascination on the amazing phenomenon of timekeeping, founders Dovenstam and Johansson want to keep track of the same through the distinct appeal and performance of a self-winding automatic clockworks. The birth of Belos Watch in the watch industry was also inspired by the breathtaking and picturesque Stockholm archipelago, which was made more magnificent with its natural beauty and attractions or activities.