Watch Releases : TAG Heuer Formula 1 S3 2016

TAG has released a new watch, let's get started.

The TAG Heuer Formula 1 S3 is another space-themed venture for the brand. The third U.S. manned spaceflight of February 1962 was the first time astronaut and pilot John Glenn experienced the effects of zero gravity while aboard the spacecraft Friendship 7 as he orbited the Earth three times. On his wrist, Glenn wore a Heuer 2915A watch, a surprising hybrid of a pocket chronograph combined with the latest technology of the day. Heuer’s first chronograph appeared in 1882.


Just For Europe - Seiko Marinemaster 300M SLA015Limited Edition

Let's reviewing the Seiko Marinemaster 300M SLA015.


If you like Japanese replica watches and have ever been to Japan then, for one, you are one lucky son of a gun and, second, you have surely seen all those fantastic, so-

called "JDM" (Japanese Domestic Market) watches that many of the country's top brands produce and sell only at home, and never export to watch fans elsewhere in 


The Moto 360 is suitable for men and women, and just cost $159.99 via eBay.

The Moto 360 comes in two men's sizes, 46mm and 42mm. This deal is for the 42mm men's style and the women's style, which is only available in 42mm. There are a few styling and color differences between the two. The men's watch is available only in black with this deal. The women's watch is rose gold with a blush leather band. These combinations on Motorola's site would still cost you $299.99 (men's) and $329.99 (women's). So, you get them for basically half price.

The High-Quality And Swiss-Made Watch Which Won't Break the Bank

The High-Quality And Swiss-Made Watch Which Won't Break the Bank

There's no shortage of Swiss watchmakers that will charge more than your mortgage for the privilege of owning one of their timepieces. However Oris, which has been producing fine timepieces for over 100 years, puts a premium on value. It's one of the many reasons that Mr Porter started stocking Oris watches this month— whereas it doesn't hurt that the company knows how to make a great-looking timepiece.

Eterna Tests All Of Its Diving Watches

Eterna Tests All Of Its Diving Watches

Eterna tests all of its diving watches for water resistance, durability, functionality and more, however nothing quite beats strapping a watch onto a wetsuit and diving to the bottom of the ocean to really understand how well it performs. It is for this reason that Eterna enlisted the help of experienced diver and watch expert, Jason Heaton, for a real life test of its Eterna SuperKonTiki Chronograph and Lady KonTiki Diver.

Bracelet Extensions vs. Flexible Straps - Dive Watches 101

Bracelet Extensions vs. Flexible Straps - Dive Watches 101

According to where you plan on diving, chances are that you will wear a wetsuit or, in some cases, even a dry suit. Both increase your wrist size substantially, which is why a dive watch usually features a deployment clasp with a divers’ extension, or even comes with an extra strap piece that can be attached to the strap buckle when worn over a dry suit (e.g. the unique Citizen Promaster 1000). A regular clasp extension usually doesn’t add enough length in those instances.

Show You All The Presidents’ Watches

Presidents’ Watches

As women can be judged by their handbags, thus men can be judged by their watches. In this anything-but-ordinary election cycle, we look back at the timepiece styles of U.S. presidents to see what’s changed and how our country’s leaders’ personal styles stack up. Since 1789, every American leader has carried or worn a watch of some kind.

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln all carried pocket watches, to be sure, as that was the fashion.