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Rolex Submariner Reference 5513 Definitive Mechanical Diving Watch

No conversation on the topic of diving watches is complete without the mention of the Rolex Submariner. Launched in 1953, this stainless steel mechanical wristwatch is arguably the most well known of its kind, although diving watches have evolved greatly to include digital watches.

The Evolution of the Rolex Submariner

Rolex Submariner diver

Well! There's no secrect that the Rolex Submariner is one of the most popular dive watches of all time, easily shown by the number of copieshomages available today. While reading an article about the history of the Rolex Submariner, I found myself wanting a visual guide to the various changes made throughout the years to the iconic diver. Check it out, below.

Offer You Watch Brands Like Rolex At Some Of The Most Competitive Prices You’ll Find

 Watch Brands Like Rolex At Some Of The Most Competitive Prices You’ll Find

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Name-brand watches can be tough to find at competitive prices. While swiss brand Rolex watches might be the most talked about wrist wear in the country, finding a timepiece with an established brand that is a good value is a tough task.

Actually $250 Seiko Certifies That You Don't Need To Spend A Ton On A Great Dive Watch

 Great Dive Watch

Frankly speaking, I don't dive, however I like dive watches. I like them because they're aren't fussy — good ones are well made, can be gotten plenty wet, can be worn with lots of different styles of clothes, and yes, can be taken swimming without worry.

The Best Divers Watches To Buy This Year

The Best Divers Watches To Buy This Year

Specifically designed for underwater activity, diver watches have surpassed the technology of traditional underwater timepieces in a modern era, combining appealing aesthetics with functionality. Traditionally, diver watches have a water resistance of 200-300m and are specifically designed for aquatic use. With classic designs and highly technological features, this type of watch is anything but limiting or difficult to wear.

Modern Men Are Shopping for Watches Which Match Their Lifestyle

Modern Men

Practicality is the new binding factor among those with an appetite for luxury watches. And that, the usefulness of a favorite timepiece is cemented in the owner’s experience. A watch represents a monumental moment in life. For Paige Hospitality Group president Brian Mazza, it was his wedding. For venture capitalist William Heath, an exotic locale visited with friends and family. For Steven Forkosh, creator of The Blu Market, it embodies validation of his success.

Helium Valves, Saturation Diving & “Extreme” Dive Watches

Helium Valves, Saturation Diving & “Extreme” Dive Watches

In another installment in our series on the basics of divers’ watches, we explains why some dive watches have  built-in helium-release valves and why others don’t. We also explain why each type is perfectly OK, according to the type of diving you do.

Before There Were Dive Watches What Did Divers Use?

World War II

While Rolex and Blancpain launched their first wristwatches for divers in the early 1950s they did, actually, create the archetype of the modern dive watch, because of the development of the quintessential rotating bezel. However, they did not invent the first watch used by divers.