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Timex's new Expedition Scout watch

Frankly speaking, there will be no shortage of rich dudes at the beach this summer flexing some expensive dive watches—after all, the things are made to get wet. However, there's still hope for guys who want to keep track of how long they've been in the water, but don't have thousands to spend on a tricked-out Seamaster or Submariner.

Introducing 6 High Quality Dive Watches

High Quality Dive Watches

By a fogged mask, you spy movement just past the pier piling that descends into the dark water — Al Qaeda frogman or elderly snorkeler? It’s difficult to tell in the silty gloom. Biting hard on the rubber mouthpiece, you curse that you forgot to strap the dive knife to your leg before descending. Your lungs burn and you realize you’re just about out of air. A glance at the luminous dial of your dive watch tells you it’s time to ascend. Angling towards the shallows, you kick hard for the beach.

Review - Timex Perpetual Calendar & Intelligent Quartz Tide Temp Compass Watch

Timex Perpetual Calendar & Intelligent Quartz Tide Temp Compass Watch

We don't typically pay attention to quartz watches as often as their mechanical counterparts yet there are certain examples like when a quartz movement can offer something not possible or adds functionality not realistically affordable otherwise. Timex is perhaps best notable for their ubiquitous Ironman athletic watches however some of their most interesting new releases come from the Intelligent Quartz, or IQ, line. These models offer something above and beyond that of a typical quartz watch while keeping prices very affordable.

5 Best Diving Watches For You

5 Best Diving Watches For You

Do you want to possess the best diving watch?Currently ,I will meet your need and introduce 5 best diving watches for you.

1.The Seiko polyurethane automatic watch has a scratch proof Hardlex face and keeps track of elapsed time with the help of a one-way rotating bezel.

2.Enhanced with a self-powered illumination system, the Luminox Original Navy Seal watch is designed with Arabic numeral markers and an anti-reflective coating.