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The Straton Racing Inspired Syncro Diver Review

Straton Racing Inspired Syncro Diver

Kyle, the founder of micro-band Straton Watch Co.. Yesterday was the launch of his latest Kickstarter campaign for the Straton Syncro – a motor-sport inspired pilot/diver hybrid watch.The campaign was funded within just a few hours – as of this writing the campaign has over $120,000 pledged, far more than the modest goal of $15,000. And it’s only day two of the 30 day campaign.

Top Rated Best Affordable Women’s Dive Watches

Momentum M1 Mini

Until about 50 years ago, diving was considered as an activity that is exclusively for men. Today, more than a third of all trainees are women. For women (and men of course), a nice dive watch can help ensure your safety when diving. And what’s more, a dive watch can be a great fashion accessory as well. It signifies toughness and confidence, which can really belie the “weaker sex” image. For ordinary swimming and jogging activities, it’s a perfect companion.

Stuhrling Aquadiver Regatta Champion Dive Watch Review

Stuhrling Aquadiver Regatta Champion Dive Watch

The Regatta Champion is a very pretty looking, but overall cheaply made diver. However, it's one of the most inexpensive 200m WR divers available and can definitely handle diving usage. Stuhrling Original is a company that has produced a bit of controversy in the watch world. Founded with a goal to produce luxury-looking watches that are affordable for everybody, they’ve also made a lot of people angry by blatantly copying designs from high-end Swiss brands.

High Quality Hamtun H1 Grade 5 Titanium Automatic Dive Watch

H1 titanium dive watch

Kickstarter watches have been springing up left and right of late. Hamtun Watches from British product developer Ross Davis is among the latest watch to join the Kickstarter race to create the latest price-competitive yet high quality automatic Dive Watch.

Pacific Watch Recommended : World's First Waterroof Wooden Watch, Pacific Standard Time Co

Pacific Watch


Let's get to know this watch.

The Pacific Standard Time Co. started by a group of friends with diverse backgrounds from Palau, Philippines, Japan, Samoa, and Hawaii. They wanted to create a watch out of locally source materials in various regions around the Pacific Ocean, the largest body of water in the world. The watches are 100% original in design made from woods, stones, and metals. This their way of showing what the Pacific has to offer.

Vulcain Boutique Heritage Timepieces Is From Switzerland’s VULCAIN

Vulcain Boutique Heritage Timepieces

With so many contenders out there in the watch world, it’s difficult to know who is for real, which brands justify the price tag and what’s worth splurging on. And with a history as Vulcain has it’s tough to go wrong. They are actually the experts in the luxury watchmaking world, having kept the passion alive for over 150 years now. Each hand that ticks, each cog that turns all represents over a century of creation, innovation and expertise.

Share 5 Mechanical Dive Watches With Women

Chanel J12

Dive watches tend to be among the chunkier types of timepieces, which has often made it hard to find one small enough to be suitable for most ladies’ wrists — whether you’re choosing for yourself or as a gift for that special someone above and below the water. It gets even more complicated if you prefer a mechanical movement. When a Rolex Submariner unquestionably looks great on a woman’s wrist as well as a man’s, some manufacturers do in fact offer smaller versions of their dive watch models.